What’s new from Savannah at in-cosmetics

At in-cosmetics Global in Paris, principals of Savannah Fine Chemicals have launched variety of innovative active ingredients ideal to design brilliant skin, body and hair care products.

Ingredients in test tubes from SavannahSavannah distributes some of the best ingredients on the market at competitive prices, with support systems that make sense for manufacturers and brand owners. Its proven product development capability sets Savannah apart, making it a perfect partner for ingredient success.

Address stretch marks naturally

Striover from Provital Group is a natural active to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks are common skin lesions that appear as linear bands of atrophic or wrinkled skin.

To produce the active, Provital combined two plants used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve Qi, ‘the vital flow of energy’, and Astragalus and Codonopsis, to awaken fibroblasts using a PRP-like mechanism

To test the in vitro efficacy of Striover, two different formats were used: dermal fibroblasts isolated from white stretch marks and Provital’s exclusive 3D reconstructed skin, with fibroblasts from white stretch marks and normal keratinocytes. Results confirmed that Striover ‘awakens’ the fibroblasts.

In an in vivo study on the efficacy of Striover, results showed how the active reduced the appearance of stretch marks after only 28 days. Activating the fibroblasts has pleasant secondary effects such as improving skin texture, firmness, elasticity and reducing redness.

Megasoft Complex

6427 Megasoft Complex from KahlWax is a special blend of natural waxes, oils and emollients, enriched with phytosterols. The main component of 6427 is Crambe abyssinica seed oil, derived from a plant native to the Mediterranean region and Ethiopia. The oil has an unusually high level of the long-chain monounsaturated erucic acid (55 to 60 percent), which is a nourishing omega 9 fatty acid. It also contains an abundance of oleic acid and linoleic acid, the latter being an omega 6 fatty acid helpful for skin regeneration.

Crambe abyssinica seed oil is a renewable and highly biodegradable substitute for synthetic silicone oils. It is very silky in texture, easily absorbed and does not have a sticky or greasy after-feel. As a very stable and long-lasting seed oil, it provides conditioning and moisturising effects in hair and skin care applications.

The unique semi-solid consistency of Megasoft Complex is achieved by the addition of berry and candelilla wax. Berry wax also improves the way emulsions feel on the skin and it supports the luxury, creamy and nurturing skin feel. It works as a re-fatting agent and supplies valuable, nutritive components when used in a formulation.

The Megasoft Complex is an opaque blend with a medium low melting range of 52 to 58°C. It offers multifunctional activity and is suitable for all kinds of hair and skin applications. It provides a soft and silky skin feel and acts as a conditioning agent.

Actives, botanicals and vegan ingredients

Lipotec Active Ingredients is presenting a new peptide with anti-fatigue effects, new extracts coming from mythic trees and the last addition to its botanicals – a stevia leaf-based extract with rejuvenating effect, among others.

Developed with the aim to awake the cells of the skin, Dawnergy peptide activates the cellular alarm clock to help the skin wake up earlier, visibly improving the skin complexion through its revitalising and anti-ageing activities.

After the first focus on Asia-Pacific, Actismart extracts now reveal the Essence of Mythic Trees with new oil-based botanicals from iconic trees from different regions of the world.

A vegan-friendly ingredient with a retinoid-like mechanism, Stevisse advanced botanical ingredient minimises the appearance of wrinkles providing a younger-looking appearance.

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