Young scientists awarded for their winning presentations

Subhashree Mahapatra and Xia Jiang of Lubrizol were among the winners of the Young Scientist Support Scheme that took place at the 14th Asian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists (ASCS) Conference in Hong Kong, for their presentations on DAWNERGY peptide and AVALURE Flex-6CC polymer respectively. They were recognised for their professional confidence and clear expositions.

Dr Subhashree Mahapatra

Scientific achievement

With more than 10 years’ experience in skin biology, Dr Mahapatra has a PhD in Immunology (Hannover Medical School, Germany) and has worked in R&D in leading cosmetic companies. Currently she is based in Lubrizol Singapore office supporting Asia Pacific region.

Senior application engineer for Lubrizol Skin Essentials, Dr Jiang Xia holds a PhD degree in materials science from University of Oxford. Currently she is based in Lubrizol Shanghai office supporting Asia Pacific region.

Dr Subhashree Mahapatra

The two technologies presented in Hong Kong are recently launched novelties.


DAWNERGY peptide is a nonapeptide developed to wake up the cells of the skin by increasing JARID1a and clock gene levels, thus enhancing early morning functions of the skin as if it was noon. It also provides an energising effect on skin cells and has evident anti-fatigue effects even after a night out. DAWNERGY peptide is distributed locally by Savannah Fine Chemicals.

AVALURETM Flex-6CC polymer is a multifunctional ingredient with enhanced film forming properties and pigment dispersion capabilities that provides rub-off resistant coverage that goes on evenly with a soft, powdery feel. AVALURE Flex-6CC polymer is distributed locally by Carst & Walker.