Aprinnova presents an introduction to the circular economy

During in-cosmetics Virtual, taking place from 6 to 8 October, Aprinnova will walk attendees through an introduction to the circular economy, providing case studies around circular packaging and ingredients while offering them a checklist for circular ingredient selection.  

These exciting highlights form part of the technical seminar by Ashlee Nunes, technical sales and product manager at Aprinnova and Diva Chan, the company’s technical service manager. Together they will lead a session entitled Go Circular! The new plant-based silica for colour cosmetics and skin care.  This technical seminar is scheduled for Tuesday 6 October at 17:00 CET. Click here to register to attend the virtual event.  

Stock pic of sustainability from Pixabay
Aprinnova will walk attendees through an introduction to the circular economy

An introduction to Biosilica 

Aprinnova has developed a new sustainable and circular ingredient that helps reduce waste while meeting benchmark performance. This meets key consumer demands for sustainability. Through real-world case study examples, attendees will learn the following:  

  • the story of how Biosilica is made from sugarcane ashes  
  • the latest clinical performance data for Biosilica performance in colour cosmetics 
  • how Biosilica can be used for elegant texture, sebum control, to mattify and for anti-ageing effects without using microplastics or extractive silica.  

“Biosilica is an extractive silica derived from sugarcane ashes. This alternative to microplastics is an ideal model for circular clean beauty,” Nunes explains. “We will also share a simple framework with attendees on how circularity fits into clean beauty. They will also hear about new consumer trends linked to the circular economy.”  

Delivering a new standard in sustainability  

Aprinnova is a leading manufacturer of sugarcane-derived ingredients, Squalane and Hemisqualane, which are paving the way for clean and non-toxic cosmetics around the globe.  

As a joint venture between Amyris and Nikkol Group, Aprinnova leverages cutting-edge biotechnology manufacturing capability and 70 years of cosmetic industry expertise to deliver a new standard that makes sustainability a competitive advantage. Savannah Fine Chemicals is the local agent for Aprinnova.