• Water is the heart of sustainable development

    Schneider-Electric-waterWorld Water Day is celebrated on 22 March every year, and each year it highlights a specific aspect of fresh water. This year’s theme is ‘Nature for Water’, which will be amplified through the South African Department of Water and Sanitation’s National Water Week awareness campaign from 18-24 March 2018.


  • New active ingredients from BASF corrects signs of skin aging

    Hyalurosmooth-BASFConsumers are leading ever-busier lives, rarely allowing themselves much needed moments of mindfulness to relax. As the pace of life remains fast, products that calm, sooth and rejuvenate the skin are in high demand. Inspired by life, BASF is presenting new active ingredients for skin and hair care products that have been proven to help the skin rebalance and that strengthen it to cope with everyday stresses. At this year’s Cosmetagora (booths 129-132-133), BASF is launching three anti-aging and anti-stress active ingredients that enable manufacturers of skin care products to offer consumers a fountain of youth.


  • Are you the next leader in product innovation?

    NPC entriesEntries for the 2018 Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review/Symrise New Product Competition (NPC) are now open. Entry forms are now available here.


  • Ugandan refugee saves lives with recycled soap

    Dr Derreck Kayango will be participating in the 40th annual SAPICS Conference Renowned Ugandan refugee turned entrepreneur, human rights activist and CNN Hero, Dr. Derreck Kayongo, will be returning to Africa this year to share his inspiring story and recipe for success at the annual SAPICS Conference in Cape Town.

    Organisers of Africa’s leading event for supply chain professionals have announced they are delighted to have confirmed Kayongo’s participation in the 40th annual SAPICS Conference, which takes place from 10 to 13 June.


Latest News

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The company recently announced that all conditions precedent relating to the procurement of the speciality paper business of Cham Paper Group (CPG) have been fulfilled and completed.

Plastics|SA has released a series of new radio and television adverts addressing the issue of plastic litter in marine environments.

Its events are a trusted source of formulation know-how for thousands of R&D professionals around the world, and today the in-cosmetics Group has announced the launch of a new initiative. The all-new R&D Club will provide cosmetic chemists f [ ... ]

The Marchesini group will soon establish a new facility dedicated to the beauty industry near its headquarters in Pianoro, Italy to serve the growing global cosmetics packaging market.

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