keyboard_arrow_upGlobal aesthetics industry recognition for Environ
keyboard_arrow_downGlobal aesthetics industry recognition for Environ

Environ Skin Care has been named the Top Medical Skin Care company in the prestigious Aesthetic Everything Awards. Based on consumers’ votes, this awards programme forms part of a global competition. It is managed from the USA and recognises excellence across a range of categories. This year’s competition saw more than 30 000 votes cast between September and October as brands and suppliers fought for sought-after titles in the global aesthetics industry.

keyboard_arrow_upAnti-ageing skin care retail shapes up in SA
keyboard_arrow_downAnti-ageing skin care retail shapes up in SA

Ageing gracefully is what many women strive for, and this trend is mirrored in the beauty industry, with cosmetic houses adapting to the new confident older woman. ‘Women want to look fantastic at any age, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to stop the ageing process,’ explains Mirjana Brlečić, founder of natural skincare range Nikel Cosmetics.

keyboard_arrow_upLipotec reinforces urban skin by reconnecting with the origins
keyboard_arrow_downLipotec reinforces urban skin by reconnecting with the origins

Urbanisation has reduced our interaction with nature, triggered the prevalence of inflammatory disorders and skin sensitivity. Lipotec’s new Fensebiome peptide helps strengthen vulnerable urban skin by promoting a healthy microbiome and reinforcing skin’s barrier function.

keyboard_arrow_upMerck helps reverse ageing effects of city living
keyboard_arrow_downMerck helps reverse ageing effects of city living

Growing older is inevitable. While there is no shame in getting older, most people want to look their best for as long as possible.

keyboard_arrow_upVytrus Biotech innovates with the brain-skin connection
keyboard_arrow_downVytrus Biotech innovates with the brain-skin connection

Various studies have shown that skin reveals our innermost feelings, and can act as a tell-tale sign of trauma, stress and emotional turmoil. Scientists call this the brain-skin connection, and it’s the focus of Vytrus Biotech’s latest ingredient launched at in-cosmetics Global, in London, UK.

keyboard_arrow_upEvonik tackles sensitive skin issues
keyboard_arrow_downEvonik tackles sensitive skin issues

Evonik launched its new Tego Pep 4-Comfort cosmetics active ingredient at in-cosmetics Global in London.

keyboard_arrow_upLipoTrue dives into new habitats
keyboard_arrow_downLipoTrue dives into new habitats

LipoTrue, which is represented in South Africa by Savannah Fine Chemicals, is addressing consumers’ growing demand for naturally sourced active ingredients.

keyboard_arrow_upVytrus Biotech presents plant peptides
keyboard_arrow_downVytrus Biotech presents plant peptides

Vytrus Biotech (Vytrus) has identified, produced and assembled the first generation of genuine plant peptides. The company specialises in the development, production and commercialisation of high quality, value adding active ingredients using plant stem cell technology. It is represented locally by Savannah Fine Chemicals.

keyboard_arrow_upRahn goes from A to zen at in-cosmetics
keyboard_arrow_downRahn goes from A to zen at in-cosmetics

Skin care ingredient producer, Rahn, will be addressing thermal ageing at in-cosmetics Global 2017, with the launch of Defensil-Soft. The company is represented by Siyeza Fine Chemicals in South Africa.

keyboard_arrow_upRevealing the future of anti-ageing skin care
keyboard_arrow_downRevealing the future of anti-ageing skin care

The annual in-cosmetics exhibitions offer insights into beauty manufacturing trends. By looking at new ingredient launches – along with recent patents and academic research – it is possible to see into the future of cosmetics innovation. Anti-ageing continues to be a major force in all beauty categories. Within the skin care segment – which leads the industry in volume and trends – there are four key directions. This exclusive report, supported by Euromonitor International and authored by global skincare analyst Nica Lewis for the in-cosmetics Group, reviews them and highlights potential areas for future growth.